About us

Dagmar Eggers

Everything began more than 20 years ago.
I got my first own dog, an Irish Setter
and a year later one more English Setter got member of our family.
 These should not be the only ones.
With their handsome character and elegance
they conquered our hearts. But you should never forget, these are dogs for hunting
 and these must be well educated for having pleasure with them.

There followed accompanying dogs checks and dog driving licences,
Clickertraining and Agility. Furthermore I visited some seminars
on the subjects Person, Dog - harmony,
Appeasement gesticulation of the dogs, dog breeding
and the behaviour of dogs to understand them better.

Since 1999 I have made my big hobby, my passion, the grooming to my job.
After an education of several weeks in a famous grooming salon
I opened my own grooming salon for dogs

Then in 2004 there came the black medium size poodle male
 Columbus vom Runenstein (Collin) in our family and thus became my daughter
and I member in the German poodle club (DPK) in the VDH
and in the beginning of 2007 the choice followed to
2. president in the group Gttingen.

With our poodles we were often on national and international dog shows
and brought almost always a victory with us home. For the dog shows of course
you need a good dog with a well-arranged hairstyle.

We have every day for a new a lot of fun with our poodles
You can make everything with them:
Walking, jogging, investigation tours, Agility -
a poodle has fun with all and is able to do simply everything!

Farah Eggers

Together with my mother I had also the passion for our setters,
but I always wanted to have a poodle (what nobody understood)!
On a workshop training it happened.
Unbelievable - I got the address of a successful breeder
of medium size poodles
Immediately we called the next day the breeder,
which immediately held ready the next surprise.
She said:" Go past, nevertheless, exactly tomorrow,
I have there one special for you!"

And thus I became within only three days the proud owner
of a black medium size poodle male called Columbus vom Runenstein.
Since 2005 I support my mother in our grooming salon.
With our dogs I was often enough successful on dog shows
in Germany and abroad, competed with them at competitions or take part at seminars.

My first poodle I bought for practicing grooming but then we see
that a poodle offers so much more then only being a grooming model.

The poodle is

receptive, intelligently, sensitively
extremely carefully,
faithfully, devoted, incorruptibly,
a self-confident dog personality
and wants to fill every wish of its owner.
He has a happy being, a lot of joy in play
and fun, always amusing inspirations, he muntert one
with pleasure on, is watchful, nothing escapes his look,
everything stays in its mind forever, an unbelievable temperament
and a graceful and elegant movement.

All that is of the poodle's core and who him once learnt to
love, that would never again want another one.
That all is the reason why we have started breeding
this wonderful breed to receive all their advantages
 and to improve the image of the poodle.