19.08.2018 VDP Siegerschau Sangerhausen
Candlewood's Penny Lane gets VDP Sieger 2018.

12. August 2018 World dog show Amsterdam

Bazaar's All is One became excellent 1 in Intermediate Class.
Judge: Ann Ingram


30.06. 2018 International dog show Hannover:
Our young black medium male Bazaar's All is One (Tyson) gets today
Junior CAC Club + VDH and Junior BOB.and the title Junior Winnerr Hannover.
Now he has all awards for German Junior Champion VDH.


12.06.2018 National dog show Erfurt

Bazaar's All is One (Tyson): JuniorCAC Club + VDH and Junior BOB.
 Candlewood's Rubina: JuniorCAC Club + VDH and Junior BOB.

Judge: Bernardo BŘchner-Reggazoni.

03.06.2018 German Grooming Competition Stadtroda

 Farah Eggers wins the silver medaille in  poodel champion class in very strong competition.


27.05.2018 Genigroom competition in Greece:

Farah Eggers wins the silver medaille in  poodel champion classwith dwarf poodle
 in Second puppy clip..

20. Mai 2018 Grooming Art competition in Genk, Belgien:

What a day, Farah Eggers wins the gold medaille in  poodel champion class in very strong competition.



10. Januar 2016  Competition Scandinavian Master Groom

"K9 Tournament " (team competition)

At this new competition, sponsored by the company K9,  9 teams competed and we
(Farah Eggers + Anke Schńfer) started as "PUCO GROOM TEAM GERMANY"
and get the 1st place with our dogs medium size poodle Jason + English Cocker Hans-Emil.
We are over the moon. What success in such a strong competition.
Thank-you to Anke! It has properly given pleasure.

Many thanks to the judges:
Jennifer Lee ,
Denys Lorrain ,
Rony De Munter


21. Juni 2015 German Grooming Competition in Erfurt

Many thanks to the judges: Umberto Lehmann, Romana Kania und Rony de Munter and off course
to my mother Dagmar Eggers for her help and the nice pictures..


15. Mńrz 2015: Scandinavian Master Groom

Bradley before - like a little black sheep.

The halls in Malm÷ - Sweden.

Let's start with work.

Many competitors.

The judges look at my work.

Finished. Bradley after.

The judges waiting for the finalists.

First place poodle open class.


Big joy: Best of all winning Best in Show on the Scandinavian master Groom
competition. Many thanks to the judges who decided on us:

Kitty Dekeersgieter, Anders Rosell, Jennifer Lee (Richteranwńrterin),
Umberto Lehmann und Denys Lorrain.


08. Mńrz 2015: Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham - world biggest dog show

Candlewood's Jason: Winner Junior Dog Class Crufts 2015

After 10 hours driving (incl. Eurotunnel) we arrive finally in Birmingham for Crufts
dog show.

The rings for the dogs are very big with nice green floor.
So all have lots of space for showing their dogs.

At Crufts there are special places where you can prepare your dog before the ring.

We start with our male Candlewood's Jason, black medium size poodle.
With 17 months he started in Junior Class.
11 males were entered in Junior Class and only 3 dogs get a placement
with judges report. So crossing fingers will be helpful.


The poodles are judged in standing and moving.

Juhu! Jason wins Junior Class male at Crufts 2015.



06.Dezember 2014 Benelux Winner Show in BrŘssel, Richter: T. Jakkel (HU):

Candlewood's Jason won with 14 months Benelux Junior Winner BE,
 Junior BOB and BOB (Best of Breed).



27. September 2014: Competition Groomania in Kortrijk

1. place poodle open class,
Farah Eggers and black medium size poodle Candlewood's Bradley in T-Clip.
There were many people from around the world starting in poodle class
so we are very happy about this fantastic placement.



23.08. 2014 German Winner Show in Leipzig

Candlewood's Jason, black medium size male won on his first dog show
in Junior Class with 10 months an  excellent 1
 and won
German Junior Winner 2014 and Junior BOB.

27. Oktober 2012: CACIB Hannover and

 12. + 14. Oktober 2012 Nat. Zuchtschau
und Bundessieger-Zuchtschau Dortmund:

Candlewood's Gladdys and Candlewood's Bradley.
First place on both shows in couple class against all breeds.


29.01.2012 CAC Castrop-Rauxel, Festival d. Rassehunde,
                      Richter: Uta Huppertz,
Candlewood's Bradley
                      gets  V1 in  Championklasse and won
                      Best of Breed
 and Best in Show.


Candlewood's Bradley gets

Best medium size poodle of Germany 2011 from DPK
 2. best poodle of Germany 2011 from DPK
 Best Poodle of Germany 2011 of all poodle clubs.


10.+11.12.2011 Nationale + Internationale Hundeausstellung Kassel

 "Candlewood's Bradley", handled by Farah Eggers
won on  both days Best of Breed
and he gets in group 9
on Saturday the 2. place (BOG2)
and on Sunday the  3.place (BOG3).

We are so happy about our boy.

2. Platz in der Gruppe 9 am Samstag.


September 2011 Our black medium size poodle
 "Candlewood's Bradley" is in the new poodle book 
 Unser Traumhund: Pudel. He is pictured over a full side.

This picture is printed in the book.



28.08.11 DPK-Siegerschau in Melsungen, RichterStephen Wheeler (S)

                 Our black medium size male "Candlewood's Bradley"
                 won excellent 1 in Intermediate Class, gets DPK-Sieger
                 and BOB.
                  Bradley finally wins the Best in Show.
Many thanks to the judges:
 Stephen Wheeler, Renate M÷bius and Georg Walther.