07.07.2019 Today at Annual Trophy Show Hannover. Our black dwarf boy
Swan Sensation Esquire gets Annual Trophy Junior Winner and Junior BOB.
Many thanks to the judge Andrea Ernst.



06.07.2019: First day, International dog show Hannover.
Our dwarf boy Swan Sensation Esquire gets Junior BOB and Junior Winner Hannover.
Many thanks to the judge Inga Siil (EST).



29.06.2019 A few impressions of the summer festival of BG Hildesheim
 in Gro▀ Escherde on the beautiful poodle meadow. We also had a couple of
Candlewood's poodles with their owners. Many thanks to the organizers and
all the many helpers who made this great party possible.
So many great people and tolerable dogs in one bunch. Just to watch this
spectacle was worth the trip!

Some of the winners of poodle racing.

03.06.2019 Soo proud of our little dwarf girl
Today come these two new titles for Candlewood's Penny Lane, new
German Champion VDH and Netherlands Champion.




02.06.2019 Woohoo. Today at International dog show in Erfurt our dwarf boy Swan Sensation Esquire won Junior BOB and BOB and finshed the German Junior Champion VDH with style.
Thanks to the judge Peter Rehanek (CZ).
And finally he wins Best in Group place 3.

Yesterday at National dog show in Erfurt he won Junior BOB and BOS. Judge: Otakar Vondrous (CZ).
Grooming and Handling by me.




01.06.2019 Today we used the offer on the exhibition in Erfurt and Candlewood's Maddox
 had examine his eyes. Everything great! We are happy!


18.05.2019 Europasieger show. Today I had a great and successful day in Dortmund with
our poodle boys. Medium, Bazaar's All is One: excellent 1, CAC,
Dwarf, SS Esquire ( he takes it all )
Europa Junior Winner, Junior BOB and BOB.
Crufts qualification 2020.
Don't wonder at picture today was no hair spray allowed.


06.04.2019 CACIB Zwolle, Ijsselshow: Today we only show our dwarfs and
what should I say they show their socks off.
  BOB from Junior Class: Swan Sensation Esquire (Junior BOB, CAC, best Male
over Champions and BOB), BOS: Candlewood's Penny Lane (CAC,CACIB, best female and BOS)
 and she finished today the Dutch Champion.
Thanks to the judge Inge van der Does-Nielen.

And finally we get 4th place in couple class out of 18 couples of all breeds.
Very proud of my poodle dreamteam.


11.03.2019 We had a fantastic Sunday at Crufts. Our three shown poodles were very successful.
Bazaar's All is One (Tyson) gets 2nd in Post Graduate Class Male.
Swan Sensation Esquire gets 5th place in Junior and 3rd in Yearling Class Male.
Candlewood's Penny Lane gets 3rd in Limit Class Female. Judge: Miss A. Bradley.
Many thanks for the great support and help Yvonne Heinl and Anne Myhrbraaten.
 We were a great team and finally all the work pays off And off course many thanks to
 my father for driving with me to Crufts as you could not drive this distance alone.



15.12.2018 The winner takes it all, still couldn't really believe.
At big Winner Show in Amsterdam our young dwarf boy "Swan Sensation Esquire"
wins with just 10 months Junior Winner Amsterdam, Winner Amsterdam, best male with double CAC
 over Champions and finally Junior BOB and BOS. Many thanks to judge Inga Siil.


09.12.2018 CACIB BrŘssel: The hero of the day. He shows his socks off.
Swan Sensation Esquire (dwarf) gets Junior CAC, Junior BOB, Belgian Junior Winner,
best male over champions and BOS.
Many thanks to the judge Igor Vyguzov


18.11.2018 International show Dortmund:
Candlewood's Penny Lane rocks the ring and gets CAC, CACIB, Autumn Winner Dortmund
 and finally went Best of Breed.
She finished this weekend German and International Champion
Many thanks to the breed judge Birgit Bischoff (D).

08.09.2018 International dog show Rotterdam-day 1:
Our Candlewood's Penny Lane gets CAC, CACIB, best female and BOS.
Many thanks to the judge Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster (NL).

02.09.2018 National dog show Bremen:
I am still a bit speechless. Today a big dream come true. His name is programm, we took it all. Together with our young medium boy Bazaar's All is One (Tyson) we went Best of Breed again and finally won Group 9. OMG what a day 

Many thanks to the judges for appreciating our boy:
Breed: Rainer Jacobs (D)
Group 9: Tatjana Urek (SLO)


26.08.2018 CACIB Mechelen (BE):
Candlewood's Penny Lane gets CAC, CACIB and finally BOB in strong competition.
My little super girl makes us very proud today.
Many thanks to judge Monique van Brempt (BE) for appreciating our girl


19.08.2018 VDP Siegerschau Sangerhausen
Candlewood's Penny Lane gets VDP Sieger 2018.

12. August 2018 World dog show Amsterdam

Bazaar's All is One became excellent 1 in Intermediate Class.
Judge: Ann Ingram


30.06. 2018 International dog show Hannover:
Our young black medium male Bazaar's All is One (Tyson) gets today
Junior CAC Club + VDH and Junior BOB.and the title Junior Winnerr Hannover.
Now he has all awards for German Junior Champion VDH.


12.06.2018 National dog show Erfurt

Bazaar's All is One (Tyson): JuniorCAC Club + VDH and Junior BOB.
 Candlewood's Rubina: JuniorCAC Club + VDH and Junior BOB.

Judge: Bernardo BŘchner-Reggazoni.

03.06.2018 German Grooming Competition Stadtroda

 Farah Eggers wins the silver medaille in  poodel champion class in very strong competition.


27.05.2018 Genigroom competition in Greece:

Farah Eggers wins the silver medaille in  poodel champion classwith dwarf poodle
 in Second puppy clip..

20. Mai 2018 Grooming Art competition in Genk, Belgien:

What a day, Farah Eggers wins the gold medaille in  poodel champion class in very strong competition.


In the kennel "de Nigromanta" in Czech Republic was born a litter
black medium size puppies ( 3 females and 2 males) after our
 Candlewood's Jason x Franqueza de Nigromanta.

In the kennel "Avatar" from Anders Rosell in Spain was born a litter
of black medium size puppies after our
Candlewood's Bradley x Olymbinar's Lifelong Eternal Joy.
One beautiful female and one male.


Candlewood's Jason gets the title International Beauty Champion.
Therefore he had to get in 3 countries best male.


Groomania 2016 (Europes biggest grooming competition):

Farah Eggers gets 2nd place in the poodle Champion Class - 17 startes from
around the world compete. We are very happy.
Many thanks to the judges Ferruccio Soave, Anders Rosell and Valerie Sole.


Competitors everywhere.




International dog show Luxembourg:

Candlewood's Jason, black medium male,
won excellent 1 in Championclass, CAC, CACIB,
Benelux Winner Luxembourg 2016, Best Male
and Best of Breed. He finishes the Luxembourger Champion.
Many thanks to the judge Jakub Kruczek (PL).

 23.07.16 Golden Groomer Competition Liege.

 I won with my black medium size poodle model Rodney 1. place in Elite Class (Champion Class)
 and get finally Best of Day (best groomed dog of the day).
 I am over the moon!  Many thanks to the judges: Umberto Lehmann, Rony De Munter ,
Erick Richard and president of jury Jean Vion.

National dog show Meisdorf:

Candlewood's Maddox won Best of Breed and Best of Group 1
with just 19 months. Many thanks to judge Barbara Pallasky (D).


03.07.16 CAC Poodle Speciality LŘnen:

First time out in adult class. Candlewood's Maddox:
 excellent 1, award German Champion VDH + DPK, Best of Breed.

Femme Fatale Star of Silesia (grand daughter of our Candlewood's Bradley):
excellent 1, award German Champion VDH + DPK, BOS.

Many thanks to judge Anita Berdysz and also to my mother and all our friends suporting me so nice!





18.06.2016 German Grooming Competition in Erfurt:

First place in the German grooming salon class with my black
 medium size model Candlewood's Bradley.
Many thanks to the judges: Umberto Lehmann, Kitty Dekeersgieter und Ilse Frank Kleton.

19.06.2016 German Grooming Competition in Erfurt,
K9 Tournament (team competition):

As Puco Groom Team Germany I started together with Anke Schńfer
and our models Hans-Emil, English Cocker Spaniel and Maddox, medium size poodle
 and we get in a very strong and international competition the 3. place.
Many thanks to the judges: Umberto Lehmann, Kitty Dekeersgieter und Ilse Frank Kleton.

15.05.2016: Grooming competition Grooming Art in Genk - Belgium

Farah Eggers competes with her medium size poodle model
Candlewood's Jason in Champion Class and  mades the 2nd place in a very strong class.

Many thanks to the judges: Umberto Lehmann (I), Ferruccio Soave (I) and
Monique Janssens (BE) and  to the Belgium Groom Team  for the super organisation.


CAC Show in Ilmenau (DPK)

Candlewood's Jason: excellent 1, CAC DPK + VDH, BOB.

Candlewood's Maddox: excellent 1, Junior CAC DPK + VDH, Junior BOB
+ Junior Best In Show..

Many thanks to the judge Siegfried Peter (D).


10. Mńrz 2016 Crufts dog show in Birmingham (England)

- the biggest dog show in the world and we were there !

This year we qualified with two dogs for Crufts and we had
a very successful weekend there.

Candlewood's Jason, black medium size male, started in
Limit Class (9 entries) and got den 2. place.

Femme Fatale Star of Silesia, black medium size female, got
in Junior Class (13 entries) also the 2. place.

Both poodles were groomed and handled by us. We are very happy!


10. Januar 2016  Competition Scandinavian Master Groom

"K9 Tournament " (team competition)

At this new competition, sponsored by the company K9,  9 teams competed and we
(Farah Eggers + Anke Schńfer) started as "PUCO GROOM TEAM GERMANY"
and get the 1st place with our dogs medium size poodle Jason + English Cocker Hans-Emil.
We are over the moon. What success in such a strong competition.
Thank-you to Anke! It has properly given pleasure.

Many thanks to the judges:
Jennifer Lee ,
Denys Lorrain ,
Rony De Munter

Jason before.

At work.

Happy Winners.

Scandinavian Master Groom 2016 in G÷teborg (Sweden)

Poodle-Champion Class

With Candlewoodĺs Bradley groomed in T-Clip I got 3rd place in
a very stron competition.

Many thanks to the judges:
Jennifer Lee ,
Denys Lorrain ,
Toshinori Omura

Bradley before.

At work.

And after.


25. Oktober 2015


Groom Team Germany:

Farah Eggers - Poodle
Sabine MŘller - other pure breeds
Krisztina Poschenrieder-Molnar - Setter
Anke Schńfer -  Handstripping
Silke MŘller-Rummel - our reserve

My model Candelwood's Gladdys, before and after.
She was a fantastic model.

Candlewood's Gladdys: She was also proud to be part of the German team.



30. August 2015 International dog show Luxembourg,
Richter: Jean Francois Vanaken



Candlewood's Jason, CACIB, Benelux Winner 2015
and Crufts Qualifikation.

Femme Fatale Star of Silesia: Luxembourg Junior Champion,
Benelux Junior Winner 2015 and Crufts Qualifikation.

24. August 2015 My first start at Oster Tournament of Champions.

Impressions Oster Tournament in Poland.

The whole German WM-Team 2015 was qualified for Oster Tournament.

21. Juni 2015 German Grooming Competition in Erfurt

We had a nice weekend in Erfurt. I started with Candlewood's Bradley
in poodle champion class at the competition and we made 2nd place.

Many thanks to the judges: Umberto Lehmann, Romana Kania und Rony de Munter.

Very happy about the placement.